“Through the Valley: The Journey of an African Refugee” book by Gerson Maso

Through the Valley by Gerson MasoGerson Maso is a member of Angle Lake Neighborhood Church and a friend. This soft spoken but passionate man is such a pleasure to know. Gerson came to us from Africa as a refugee and has written his story in a book entitled, “Through the Valley: The Journey of an African Refugee”. I highly recommend this book for your reading. It will give you a great appreciation for those who are in the United States as refugees and it will give you a better understanding of those who are seated next to you. Perhaps this is the greatest aspect of the book, getting to know your neighbor and understanding where they have been and where they are going. Listen to the voice of my friend, “My mind was raped, and my memory impregnated, by the civil wars that devastated all aspects of social life in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. This book is the baby that was born from that pregnancy. My personal experiences during the civil wars will reveal to you how God is an amazing, trustworthy God. His will is not ours; he does whatever he wants, for he is God, the Creator and owner of the heavens and earth and all creatures.” The book starts off by covering the political and cultural issues of Gerson’s homeland. Do not let this history lesson keep you from discovering the richness of Gerson’s personal testimony of escape from the hands of death. -Pastor John Kilough Purchase the book online here.